Demo | Repo (frontend) | Repo (backend)

A minimum viable product enabling users to share pictures of nearby bus stops on a map for others to enjoy.

The backend consists of TypeScript using the fastify web framework, Postgres for data storage and Amazon S3 for media storage.

The frontend is written with TypeScript and React.


Demo | Repo

An x86 disassembler written in Rust with a demo targeting WebAssembly mostly intended as a demo/toy project linking assembly code to machine code generated.

Minimal utility in practice but it looks really cool to see specific parts of the machine code corresponding to associated assembly highlighted as you mouse over.


Demo | Repo

Another demo/toy project intended for optimizing training programs for workout routines using graph colouring.

Written in Rust targeting WebAssembly using the Yew framework with the datasets loosely lifted/borrowed from

No real purpose other than demo’ing the use of graph colouring and its application in something other than register allocation.


Demo | Repo

A rushed attempt at a Hugo theme for my own personal website.

Hugo seemed like the go-to for statically generated homepages.



The site you’re on! Built with Hugo, deployed and hosted with GitHub Actions on GitHub Pages.