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Bachelor in Computer Science, Aarhus University

Aug 2018-Sep 2019 | Aug 2020-Aug 2021 | Aug 2022-Jan 2024

Bachelor’s Thesis

Report | Repo (report) | Repo (code) | Slides

My bachelors project was an attampt at implementing a compiler backend that could translate a subset of LLVM to x86-64 assembly, and compare and evaluate different approaches to register allocation, including graph coloring, as used in ahead-of-time compilers like Clang, and linear scan, as used in just-in-time compilers like Java’s JVM or .NET’s CLR.


Student Software Developer, Trifork

Jan 2019-Sep 2019 | Jun 2020-Sep 2020

Backend development of ATAH decision support: a system that helps healthcare professionals diagnose patients and provide treatment recommendations, focused on development of utilities for admin/management and infrastructure deployment.

Freelance, Stagewise IVS

Sep 2016-Jun 2017

Fullstack, cross-platform app development. Frontend written in JavaScript with react-native targeting both Android and iOS. Backend is a REST API written in Go using Postgres for data storage, Facebok OAuth for authentication and Firebase mobile integration (push notifications and such).