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I’m William! A graduate of computer science with a bachelor’s degree from Aarhus University.

I have a passion for low-level systems programming, highly interactive user experiences, and the interaction between the two!

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I can always be reached by mail at will at brt dot sexy or will at ${location.hostname}.

You can also try me on Matrix: @s1gtrap:matrix.org

I can also be found on other social media junctions under my pseudonym @s1g[trap] including: GitHub, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, Twitter and Bluesky butterfly logoBluesky.


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Okay, but what’s with the name?

$ man signal
   Standard signals
       Linux supports the standard signals listed below.  The second column of the
        table indicates which standard (if any) specified the signal: "P1990" indicates
        that the signal is described in the  original
       POSIX.1-1990 standard; "P2001" indicates that the signal was added in SUSv2
        and POSIX.1-2001.
       Signal      Standard   Action   Comment
       SIGTRAP      P2001      Core    Trace/breakpoint trap